TRE.CI srl Milano

PRODUCTION - Punt Series


Generatori con trasformatore e comando da abbinare a teste, punzoni e pinze.

Manual micro welding machine Il generatore è composto da un trasformatore di potenza 4/8/13 KVA e da un comando elettronico scelto a seconda delle varie esigenze.
Può essere fornito anche con inverter ad alta frequenza (15 KHz) di potenza 2500 Amp. o a media frequenza (1-5 KHz) d potenza 5000 Amp.
La vasta gamma di punzoni e pinze a disposizione rende questa serie molto versatile e adatta a molteplici applicazioni.
PNZ 20 = This punch, the simplest one, with the dimensions of a normal soldering iron, is coupled with a copper plate (earth), on which the item to be welded is placed, or with a clamp which is applied directly on the structure.
PNZ NP = This punch differentiates itself from the preceding one by the fact that the electrode is springy and the pressure can be regulated. The welding takes place when the micro intervenes. The dimensions of the handle are approximately 40x60x20.
PNZ80PL = This punch is definitely stronger, has an anatomic handle with the dimensions of an arc welding torch, is especially suitable for welding on vertical structures and normally comes with an “earth” clamp to apply on the structure.
PNZ 30 A manual clip for micro spot welding to be connected to the most appropriate generator.
The beginning of the cycle is given by a micro placed inside the fulcrum, which intervenes when the welding pressure is reached.
The intervention of the micro, based on the pressure exerted, is adjustable through a threaded grain.
PNZ 30 COMBI Similar to the PNZ 30 but with pneumatic activation. Can also be used manually for the moving closer of the electrodes, when a particular precision in the positioning is required and then pneumatically for the welding.
The length of the arms can be modified for best usage according to the various needs.
PNZ 70 pneumatic clip. Can be used manually, starting the cycle through a pedal (optional) or the button placed on the handle.
With modelled electrodes, it can achieve various openings based on the needs.

This double punch was specifically designed for the application of identification labels on structures, e.g. engines, pumps, etc.
The distance between the electrodes is variable. The starting of the cycle is with automatic intervention when the welding pressure is reached.

PNZ 200
. Clip designed to braze weld the connectors to heated rear windows. Practically, it is a clip with 2 parallel electrodes, which push on 2 contacts of the connector that are already pre-weld. The produced heat melts the weld, thus welding the connector on the “pad” created on the glass.
The welding pressure is guaranteed by a spring, which normally keeps the clip shut; the operator only acts when open.