TRE.CI srl Milano

Who We Are


TRE.CI is a small company founded in 1977 and since then millions of spots made with welding machines that carry this name were made.

saldatura a resistenza

The company shows market success from the start with bench welding machines that are very compact and mainly directed towards the electric industry, with temperature sensors and with armoured resistors, without leaving out the other market sectors in which TRE.CI has made and still makes a difference regarding the personalisation and the realisation of “custom-made” solutions.

The technical department plans equipment and special machines, in addition to new heads and electronic commands, which are tested before being commercialised. The first testing takes place in the internal laboratory. Subsequently, they are tested amongst some friendly clients, which offer to be used as “experiments”, looking for possible defects and proposing improvements.

The laboratory is also used for the testing of new electrode alloys.

The possibility of linking various welding tests with different sizes of transformers and with various technologies (medium and high-frequency inverters, alternate and rectified current, etc.), allows the execution of all feasibility tests, sampling and small preproductions. This allows clients to see immediately if the proposed solution is the most appropriate considering their needs, and can continue with their own experimenting and/or testing.

The experience of over 30 years and the continuous collaboration with other companies that build assembly lines and machines, have created synergies that are advantageous to the client, who can have a single interlocutor for a solution that includes welding technologies combined with other processing methods: winding, pressing, assembling, mechanical processes of press-cutting, folding, deformation, etc.

saldatrici a resistenza